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TIG WP-26-1 Gas Cooled Tungsten Argon Arc Welding Torch
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    TIG WP-26-1 Gas Cooled Tungsten Argon Arc Welding Torch

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  • TIG WP-26-1 Gas Cooled Tungsten Argon Arc Welding Torch

Detailed Product Description

ItemTIG WP-26 Gas Cooled Tungsten Argon Arc Welding Torch
WP26-12-1/WP26-25-1, with two cable, 12ft/25ft as photo                                                                                  
Rating200A DC, 160A AC, Tungsten Diameter: 0.5-3.2mm
Rear ConnectorM12*1, 35-50 connector, 1/4G, 7/8''-14UNF RH, 5/8''-18 UNF RH
CertificationISO9001, CCC, CE, ROHS, TUV
Packing1set/box neutral packing, 5sets/Carton Box
10N21Collet Dia.0.5mm
10N22Collet Dia.1.0mm
10N23Collet Dia.1.6mm
10N24Collet Dia.2.4mm
10N25Collet Dia.3.2mm
Collet Body 
10N29Collet Body Dia. 0.5mm
10N30Collet Body Dia. 1.0mm
10N31Collet Body Dia. 1.6mm
10N32Collet Body Dia. 2.4mm
10N28Collet Body Dia. 3.2mm
Alumina nozzle/ Ceramic Nozzle 
10N50Std. Ceramic Cup Dia. 6mm
10N49Std. Ceramic Cup Dia. 8mm
10N48Std. Ceramic Cup Dia. 10mm
10N47Std. Ceramic Cup Dia. 11mm
10N46Std. Ceramic Cup Dia. 13mm
10N45Std. Ceramic Cup Dia. 16mm
10N44Std. Ceramic Cup Dia. 19mm
Gas Lens Collet Body 
45V29Gas Lens Body Dia. 0.5mm
45V24Gas Lens Body Dia. 1.0mm
45V25Gas Lens Body Dia. 1.6mm
45V26Gas Lens Body Dia. 2.4mm
45V27Gas Lens Body Dia. 3.2mm
18CGHeat Shield Cup Gasket
18CG20Heat Shield Cup Gasket
54N01Heat Shield Cup Gasket
54N63Heat Shield Cup Gasket(Large Dia Gas Lens)
WP26Torch body(With Gasket)
98W18Back Cap " O " Ring
57Y02Back Cap Long
57Y04Back Cap Short
950Micro Switch Bulbous Button
950FMicro Switch Flat Button
950-40Bulbous Micro switch C/W 4mt 2 Core Cable
950-80Bulbous Micro switch C/W 8mt 2 Core Cable
RDZ0590Switch Boot
607663Switch Retaining Boot
609123Protective Neoprene Cover, 4m
609125Protective Neoprene Cover, 8m
315071Insulation Boot
VS-1Valve Stem
WP-26VTorch Body With Valve
WP-26FXFlexible Torch Body
WP-26VFXFlexible Torch Body With Valve

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